What to Expect in Art Therapy?

The term of Art Therapy can bring up a lot of different reactions in people. Many people are afraid to try making art because they think they are neither creative nor talented enough, or maybe they have some negative experiences with art in the past. However, most people came for Art Therapy have not made art since elementary school. Therefore, we want to assure you that you do not need artistic skill or confidence to try Art Therapy. Anyone can participate in Art Therapy and we believe there is no wrong way to make art. For most of us, what we picture in our mind is not exactly what comes out through our hands. Hence, in Art Therapy, we make room for what shows up in our art rather than what we think it should be or should look like.

Who is Art Therapy For?

Art Therapy is not an instructional art class. In other words, we do not teach you how to make art. The goals of Art Therapy are different than from an art class, in the sense that we are not attempting to master any particular art skill. In Art Therapy, we will invite you to view your own art and find your own meaning about your experience in what you have created. People decide to come to Art Therapy for many different reasons, and they benefit from it in variety of ways. During the time where many parts of life may feel out of control, and making art is one way to help regain that sense of control.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Art Therapy provides outlets for feelings, and it is a wonderful way to learn and practice positive coping skills. Art Therapy increases self-awareness and self-discovery, and it supports stress management and relaxation. We often hear people say that they are simply relieved to get their worries out of their head and on to the paper in front of them where they can sort through them or use art to transform them. At Crossland, Art Therapy service is available in two ways. The first way is individual Art therapy. Individual sessions are about one hour in length, and from weekly to monthly. The second way is through our Art and Wellness groups, the groups are one and half hours to two hours in length, and it is designed for clients and their family members.

Our Clients Reviews & Testimonials

Art Therapy gives me a really safe place to work out my feelings and hard things that I have to deal with during my anxiety period. It helps to open up and reconcile some of the difficult places.
Art Therapy, it gives me the time and the space to process my feelings and emotions that I do not normally get to do. You can be sitting there drawing and all of a sudden, I will realize that I am sad, and I do not know why I am sad. But the Art Therapist can help me process those feelings and they become resolved.
What I love the most about Art Therapy is it gives me a chance to get out of my head when I listen to my story. When I start playing and exploring on paper, I feel it allows me to get to the truth a lot faster, and exploring it allows me to work with it.
We have so much stuff up in the brain that we have to write it down and we have to draw it. There are a lot of visual things that we need to get out, and this has been the outlet for me to help process my grief and stress.


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